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Who are we?

We are a team of young proffesionals that find passion in bird feeding.


We are dedicated to build long-term collaboration with our customers, suppliers and employees and try always to look at the bright side of the things. We believe that long-term collaboration brings long-term success! 

We believe that every difficult situation can be turned around and have a good outcome by adjusting our attitude and prospective. Taking time to getting to know our partners is crucial for us. 

What do we do?

RP Group LTD is a Bulgarian supplier of bird food products. We are specialized in sunflower seeds and work with both striped and black sunflower seeds as well as hulled kernels. Next to straight sunflower options, we also produce a range of mixes using locally grown seeds and grains.


All raw materials are sourced directly from a group of farmers, we have built long-term co-operation with. We subsidize them with sowing seeds, fertilizers as well as plant protection products. In this way, we are able to monitor closely production process from sowing to harvest. Furthermore, we have equipped them with cleaning machines in order to guarantee 99% purity for in-shell sunflower. 


For packing, we use a couple of facilities equipped with semi-automatic and automatic machines. This allow us to offer a wide range of sizes spanning from 1 kg to 25 kg packed in PE/paper/PP bags.

We also have significant experience with packing in carton boxes, displays and plastic buckets. 


Furthermore, we work all year round and supply our customers according to their needs throughout the whole year.

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